Meydan Freezone

Meydan Free Zone is located in prestigious Dubai area - racecourse Meydan. It’s one of the cost effective region for startups and business setup. Because of its location in downtown Dubai, Meydan Free Zone is composed of commercial properties, hotels, sport venues, entertainment facilities and residential communities along with skyscrapers. In Meydan streamlined process of company formation has been made to encourage inexpensive startups and business to flourish. This makes Meydan Free Zone a secure and worthwhile region for foreign investment in the heart of the international horseracing and equestrian scene in the Middle East.

advantages of business setup in Meydan free zone

If you are planning to setup a business in Dubai, Meydan Free Zone is a perfect place. Meydan Free Zone is ideal for business investors and innovators, because you can set up a company in a cost-effective way. With Barakat Business Consulting, business setup in Meydan becomes possible. Our consultancy, resource and support will allow you to start a business, get the appropriate licensing, fulfill visa requirements and more.

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