Emirates Resident Visa Support

The United Arab Emirates is a world leader in business and inhabitancy sphere. Moreover, if you have an Emirates ID, it will give you different gainful opportunities. Getting a UAE residence visa means that you can avail tax exemptions, high standards of life and great opportunities for business development backed by economic and political stability. BARAKAT Business Consulting will provide you with support in getting visa, settling down and starting life in the UAE.

UAE residence visa advantages

If you want to take advantages of facilities and privileges of living in the UAE, then getting a resident permit should be your primary goal. The UAE resident visa is issued by the Naturalization and Residency Department to a foreign national who wants to work, invest or just live in the UAE based on related approvals.

Foreign citizens have a right to apply for resident visa or permit in the following situations

The number of visas entitled per company entity depends on nature of business, type and size of a company and type of license.
UAE residence visas are valid for two or three years. A 30-day grace period is given when the residence visa expires. Medical test, finger prints and health insurance are mandatory at the initial stage to get a new resident visa. The residence permit will automatically become invalid if the resident stays more than six months at a time out of the country.

Different types of visas are available for individual and corporate needs

If you want to get a UAE employment visa or a residence visa, BARAKAT Business Consulting can assist you to do it quickly and efficiently. We can help you to find out UAE visa fees, about visa cancellation, amendment of visa-position or amendment of nationality. To get information of obtaining UAE residence visa or UAE visa fees, get in touch with us! Our experience and support network enables you to expedite the processes so that you can start your life in the UAE instantly!