Business Support

Whether you want to have amendments to the company name, structure or operations, or want to reach a share transfer agreement, if you have someone to support you along the way, then this can be done easily and quickly.

BARAKAT Business Consulting can help you with providing support for a wide range of issues related to organizing and conducting business in the UAE. We assist you in choosing a proper license to company, license renewal and obtaining tax certificate to all other business documentation, streamlining your corporate obligations.

our services

BARAKAT Business Consulting is one of the leading consultancy, support and management company, when it comes to corporate obligations in the UAE. Other than helping you to get a business license in Dubai, we provide general services

If you are looking for a company, which can help you to start business in the UAE, then you’re at the right place with BARAKAT Business Consulting. Our skilled and qualified specialists can guide you in share transfer procedures, administrative support and help you to liquidate a company amongst other specializations. Contact us today for free consultation and quotes!